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Elements MR1 2022 Release Notes
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Check out the new features that are available in Salentica Elements! Our Product Team has worked hard to bring these great new tools and objects into your CRM.

Due Diligence

New Objects!

  • Investment Managers
  • Investment Vehicles
  • Asset Allocation
  • Fee Schedule

Elements Wealth Management Enhancements

  • Tax Filing - Tax Status Picklist Change
  • New Reports

Elements Asset Management Enhancements

  • Pipeline Management
  • Multiple Rep Codes

Due Diligence

Through the process of expanding your business and your offerings to clients, due diligence becomes a larger part of the everyday work of a firm. The new Due Diligence module centralizes this effort for you, our clients. This will help streamline your effort to collect your emails, surveys, and meeting notes that are required for your due diligence processes. Using the new Due Diligence tools, you can memorialize your process, protocols, and notes, all in one place, creating greater collaboration in the due diligence process. We have related the Due Diligence object to:

Wealth Management Asset Management
Investment Manager Distribution Channel
Company Company
New Business New Business

 Learn more in this article!

New Objects!

Investment Managers

   Do you use Investment Managers for your portfolio management? You can now track the Investment Managers with whom you do business, including all Due Diligence efforts you've expended on behalf of your clients.  Learn more in this article!

Investment Vehicles

   Track the Investment Vehicles you offer to your clients, including their investment terms, fees, investment process, etc. Quickly see a list of all your approved Investment Vehicles and important columns that help you decide if you'll offer that vehicle to your clients.  Learn more in this article!

Asset Allocation

Although not surfaced on the menu, asset allocation serves as a junction object. The model and the investment vehicle are referenced here in order to create a way to surface the union for reference when looking for what vehicles may fit a model. Good for memorializing or earmarking, when vehicles were added to a model portfolio with a date and when they're removed from a model portfolio with the date because that kind of stuff happens. 

Fee Schedule

This custom object serves as a memorialization entity for Fee Details related to Rep Code. This is surfaced solely within the Rep Code entity. Learn more in this article!

Elements Wealth Management Enhancements

Based on your feedback, our Product team added fantastic enhancements to the Elements Platform. Here are some of the updates!

Tax Filing - Tax Status Picklist Change

   Finally, we have added more options to the Tax Filing - Filing Status column. Available now are: Default: N/A, Single, Head of Household, Married Filing Jointly, Married Filing Separately, Qualifying Widow(er) with Dependent Child, Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships,  Corporations, S Corporations, Limited Liability Company (LLC). Of course, your System Administrator can also adjust the available options too. Learn more about Tax Filing in this article!

New Reports - Due Diligence

Use these new reports to create yourself a Due Diligence Dashboard!

  • Due Diligence Status - New
  • Due Diligence Status - Active
  • Due Diligence Status - In Progress
  • Due Diligence Status - Completed
  • Due Diligence Status - Cancelled

Learn more about Reports here!

Employment History - Primary Employment

Choose your client's current job, and this will become their primary employment. This will allow you to quickly see where your clients are working now!

Duration on Events

We have added logic to Events so that the duration of the meeting is now calculated based on the start and end times of your meeting. This creates efficiencies, and you don't have to also populate the duration field on an appointment or event.

Elements Asset Management Enhancements

Our updates include enhancements to our Asset Management product. Here's a quick outline of those enhancements.

Distribution Channel: Pipeline

We know that Sales isn't limited to Wealth Managers, so we have incorporated Pipeline, including New Business in the Asset Management product. This will allow you to track your New Business as they are associated with your institutional relationships and distribution channels and teams. We added a new tab on Distribution Channel: Pipeline.

Rep Codes

You can now add multiple Rep Codes to Companies, as well as associate them with a Distribution Channel. 

Learn more details about all these enhancements in this article!

  1. Enter a ticket to our support team for the upgrade link
  2. Use this article for Upgrade instructions
  3. System Administrators use these articles to incorporate the features of Major Release 1 - 2022 into your environment: Using the Elements 2022 Major Release 1 - Wealth Management & Using the Elements 2022 Major Release 1 - Asset Management

Elements Release Video

Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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