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Elements Major Release 2 - 2022
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The Salentica Product Team is pleased to announce the release of Major Release 2. The main feature of Major Release 2 is the new Salentica Deals App. Here at Salentica, we know that capital investments can help your firm grow rapidly whether in your area of expertise or in new business offerings. Expanding your business can also prove to be a large investment of time and operational effort for your firm. The Deals app is your all-in-one resource to track and manage all of your non-marketable assets including mergers, acquisitions, real estate, and other capital investments.


Using the new Deals tools, you can memorialize your emails, meeting notes, investment details, and business protocols relating to your investment and expansion efforts in one place, allowing greater access and transparency for collaboration with your team. We have created new objects including Investments, Investment Opportunities, and included access to InTouch Service Levels and Time/Expense for ease of tracking and optimization of business processes.


We have also expanded the tracking capabilities through custom fields for Contacts, Companies, Outreach, and Due Diligence. No need to keep track of multiple documents and sources of information when all your data can be easily referenced and shared with the right people in the Deals App. Take a look at the new objects and updates below!

Accessing the App

You can find the new Deals icon in Elements under the Apps list. For enhanced security, only permissioned users can view and access the app. 

Home Page

Quickly get an overview of all your Investment details on the Home Page. Permissioned users will see a Home dashboard giving insights into the included objects of Contacts, Companies, Outreach, Investments, Investment Opportunities, and Due Diligence. App visibility and access are provided through a new Permission Set. Click the item to see more or click the More button to quickly redirect to the specific object list view page. 


Track the important people related to the Companies, Investments, and Investment Opportunities you are working on. Track Activities including Tasks, Events, Calls, and Emails. Our InTouch feature, in coordination with Activity tracking, keeps you in contact with the right person at the right time.



Mergers and acquisitions require tracking important and necessary documentation on key companies that are being acquired or investments acquired from. Keep all your relevant details for quick reference here, including Activities, such as emails, meetings, phone calls, and tasks. Track your Due Diligence efforts and the company's financial details.


Track your Outreach for Networking Events and Marketing Campaigns. Add Outreach members, Sponsorships, and track associated New Business here. Track Campaign Metrics as well as related activities such as tasks, emails, calls and events. 


Managing a collection of capital investment records from successful investments requires a centralized location to collect important information. This object allows you to track existing investments and any related Activities such as your phone calls, meetings and emails. Keep in touch with the right person at the right time with InTouch Service Levels.

Investment Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities for firms to make capital investments. The Investment Opportunities object allows you to track your investment opportunities throughout the investment pipeline process. You can track a wide range of holdings across industries. Investment Opportunities allows for the centralized tracking of potential investments and quick executive action against existing acquisition and merger activities portfolios. Quickly and easily view the investment details. Activities allow you to track your emails, phone calls, and meetings related to the opportunity. Keep your communications up to date with InTouch Service Levels and track your efforts through Time/Expense. Due Diligence gives you a place to keep track of all your due diligence efforts. 


A great new feature we've added is the new InTouch information on the Investment and Investment Opportunites objects. Quickly see details on when your last contact was made, by whom, and through which Activity type. View your Next InTouch dates for your conversations, reviews,  and emails so that you can easily keep up to date with your outreach. 

All Elements Lightning Apps Accessible on both Desktop and Mobile

All of the Elements lightning apps have been made available for both desktop and mobile phones. You can now access all Elements apps on your phone as well as your computer! Here is an example of both form factors enabled for a lighting app:

Elements Release Video


  1. Enter a ticket to our support team for the upgrade link.
  2. Use this article for Upgrade instructions.
  3. System Administrators use this article to incorporate the features of Major Release 2 - 2022 into your environment.

Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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