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Holidays in Workflow Manager
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Holidays are a custom object that lets you define and manage the holiday schedule or blackout days for your firm. This improves functionality and user experience in Workflow Manager. You can predefine your holidays so there are no scheduling conflicts with Workflow Manager, enhancing scheduling accuracy and efficiency.

Permission Sets to Access Holidays

  • Salentica Elements Workflow Manager--Can Read only
  • Elements Workflow Manager Administrator--Can Read, Create, Edit, Delete, and View All access; and
  • Salentica Elements Configuration--access the Configuration App to Create, Edit, Delete, and View All firm holidays

Access Holidays

To access Holidays, select the Elements Configuration app through the App Selector. You may need to click More, then Holidays.

Create a New Holiday

Here you can view Holidays with the Date and Description. To create a new Holiday, click New.

Enter a Name, Description, and the Date the Holiday will occur. Select Save.

Import Holidays in Bulk

1. On the Holidays tab, select Import.

2. On the Import screen, select the Holidays custom object. Select Add new records. 

a. Select Match by: Name

b. Which User field in your file designates record owners? None

c. Select your CSV file. Your CSV file should look like this:

3. Click Next.

4. Review the Edit Field Mapping screen. Click Next.

5. Review and click Start Import.

6. You will see a notification that the import has started. Click OK to be brought to the Import status page.

7. Review the Bulk Data Load Jobs for any errors. 

Select Holidays Setting on Workflow Templates

Select the setting you need for Holidays on the Workflow Template. This will tell the Workflow whether or not to count a Holiday in the Expected Completion Date and the Next Scheduled Date for recurring Workflows. 


There are three options for Holidays:

Allow--The Holiday will count as a regular business day for the Workflow

Set to Previous Business Day--Workflow Manager will count the business day prior to the Holiday for the Next Scheduled Date or Expected Completion Date

Set to Next Business Day--Workflow Manager will count the next business day after the Holiday for the Next Scheduled Date or Expected Completion Date


You can set a different Holidays setting for each Workflow Template. This allows greater flexibility in the scheduling of your Workflows. 

Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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