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Introduction to Workflow Manager
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What are Workflows?

Workflows are repeatable, multi-step processes that your firm routinely follows. Think of them as a series of steps you take for various tasks in your firm, whether that’s responding to a client’s request or an internal procedure. They help streamline and standardize processes, making sure you're efficient and consistent. Workflows are copied from Workflow Templates via the Workflow Launcher. Here's what you need to know:


  1. They’re Versatile: From client inquiries to internal processes related to client relationships, Workflows can track Tasks occurring inside and outside Elements
  2. Sequence of Tasks: Workflows include a sequence of Tasks to complete a business process rather than a single to-do item 
  3. Customizable Templates: You can have numerous Workflow Templates and tweak them to suit your business needs
  4. Control is in Your Hands: If you’re the System Administrator, you can define every aspect of the workflow: the steps, the assignees, and even the duration of each step. If you're a regular user, you have the flexibility to modify workflows on an as-needed basis

Update! With the June 2024 Release, Workflow Tasks are now available on the Activties Timeline when the Workflow is associated with the Relationship. With this update, you no longer need to open the Workflow to complete your Workflow related Tasks.

Predefined Salentica Workflows

Salentica Elements provides a set of six common workflows ready for your use. You can use the default Workflows or tweak them to match your specific protocols. However, if you want to create a custom workflow tailored for your firm, and you are a System Administrator, you can do it using the Elements Configuration app. Need help building your own Workflows? Contact the Elements Support Team.


Default Salentica Workflows:

  • Account Opening - Standard
  • Client Onboarding - Standard
  • Address Change
  • Deposit - Standard
  • Risk Tolerance Update
  • Withdrawal - Standard

Accessing Workflows

Workflows and Workflow Launchers can be found on the Relationship under the Related List Quick Links as well as the Workflow Manager tab. 

Starting a Workflow

Got a client call about an upcoming deposit? Kick off the Deposit - Standard workflow! You can initiate it from the Relationship by clicking the Workflow Launcher in the Related List Quick Links or by using the Workflow Launcher tab on the Navigation Bar.

Starting a Workflow from Launcher on a Relationship


Starting a Workflow from Workflow Launcher Tab

Update! With the June 2024 Release, you can now create a new Workflow Launcher from the Workflow Manager tab on the Relationship. 

Tracking Open Workflows

Want to check the status of ongoing workflows? Here’s how:

  1. Relationship View: Open a Relationship and select Related List Quick Link> Workflows. selected. Open the slected Workflow by clicking on the Workflow Subject
  2. General View: Use the Workflows tab on your Navigation bar. From here, you can select the List View for Workflows and customize your view using filters and sort options

Workflows on a Relationship


In Progress Workflows List on the Workflows tab

Workflow Launcher Video Guide

Want a visual guide? Check out our video tutorial on how to use the Workflow Launcher for creating a new workflow.

With Workflows and Workflow Launcher, you're well on you're way to optimizing your firm's operations!

Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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