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Elements Workflow Manager Settings
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Settings within the Workflow Templates will determine how the Tasks, Approvals, and Checklists are organized and expected to function on a Workflow. System Administrators, and users with the necessary Permission Sets, can access the  Elements Configuration App to edit these settings to match Workflow Templates to your unique business processes. Below we will discuss Approvals, Checklists, and Holiday settings so that you can get the most out of Workflow Manager.


Specific tasks may require approval or oversight before a Workflow can continue. The Approval step allows a user with the appropriate permissions to approve or reject the previous step submitted for approval. If the step is Approved, then a record of the Approval is created on the previous step and the Workflow continues to kickoff the next task. If the Approval Step is Rejected, then you can choose, within the Workflow Template, what the next action should be. Based on a Rejection, you can either cancel the Workflow and no further steps will be kicked off, or you can send the preceding Step back to the assigned user for updates and the workflow can continue. To learn more about setting up Approval Steps on a Workflow Template, and how it works on a Workflow, check out this article.



Checklists are a valuable tool for organizing tasks and ensuring that all necessary steps are completed. They can be especially useful in streamlining processes and improving efficiency. By grouping related sub-tasks together, you can simplify the assignment of tasks to users and create a more organized workflow. To learn more about creating a Checklist on a Workflow Template and how to use a Checklist on a Workflow, check out this article


Holidays are a custom object that allows you to predefine and manage the holiday schedule for your firm so that there are no scheduling conflicts with Workflow Manager tasks, which enhances scheduling accuracy and efficiency. You can choose to set different holiday settings for each Workflow Template, allowing greater flexibility in the scheduling of your Workflows. To learn more about creating Holidays and the options for Holidays on a Workflow Template, check out this article


Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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