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Default Fields within Requests -Powered by Conga
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This is a list of the default fields that are included in the Request, as well as the type of information that is needed in each field. It is possible, as a System Administrator, to customize these fields within all Requests, including updating the existing names, removing fields, or adding different fields. 


Field Field Type
Request Subject Text
Relationship Choose an Existing Relationship
Record Type Client Meeting (Cannot be updated)
Show in Portal? Check box
Request Origin Client Phone Call, Client Email, Client Meeting, External, Internal, Other
Request Date Date
Contact Choose an Existing Contact
Due Date Date
Change Effective Date Date
Ready to Submit? Check box

Request Details

Field Field Type
Instructions Text
Request Notes Text
Internal Reference Text

Current Status

Field Field Type
Status Open, Completed, Canceled
Current Step Assigned On Date
Current Step Text
Current Step Assigned To Choose an Existing User

Execution Status

Field Field Type
Last Step Completed Text
Next Step Text
Last Step Completed On Date
Next Step For Choose an Existing User
Last Step Completed By Choose an Existing User

System Information

Field Field Type
Salentica Data Broker ID Text
PCE - Definition Choose a Definition
Completed By Choose an Existing User
Completed Date: Date Date
Completed Date: Time Time


Learn more about Requests here. 

Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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