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Default Request: Address Change
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The Address Change workflow is a three task process that is resolved once the address has been updated within firm and custodial systems, and all three tasks have been tagged as completed.

Team Roles required in Workflow: Advisor & Primary Relationship Manager

Step 1: 

First task is created, called "Update Address in CRM", and it is assigned to the Team Role: Advisor. It is expected that the Advisor update the address of the client within the CRM and any other internal systems.

  • Task one is due 24 hours after the Address Change request is created.

Step 2: 

Second task is created, called "Update Account Address at Custodian", and is assigned to the Team Role: Primary Relationship Manager. There is a checklist within this task that includes:

  1. Call Custodian customer service number
  2. Conference in the client
  3. Verify updated address
  • Task two is due three days after the "Update Account Address at Custodian" task is created.

Step 3:

Third task is created, called "Confirm Address Change is Complete", and it is assigned to the Team Role: Advisor. Once confirmed that all three tasks are completed, the Request status will update to Complete.

  • Task three is due five days after the "Confirm Address Change is Complete" task is created.


Here is a list of the default fields that are included in the Request, as well as they type of information that is needed in each field. It is possible, as a System Administrator, to customize these fields within all Requests, including updating the existing names, removing fields, or adding different fields.

Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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