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What are Workflows?
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Workflows automate actions based on your organization's processes. When you receive a request from a client and create a record in your CRM, you can have an underlying Workflow that corresponds to the Request object, or the Workflow Manager tool.


Workflow Examples

For example, workflows can:

  • Assign follow-up tasks to a support rep one week after a Request is made.
  • Send management an email alert when an Advisor closes a large deal.
  • Remind the trading desk to invest a deposit once the funds settle into an account.
  • Schedule a calendar reminder to call a prospect after a certain amount of time to confirm the prospect's status.

Workflow Steps

And, some of the steps that workflows can include:

  • Tasks—Assign a new task to a user, role, or record owner.
  • Email Alerts—Send an email to one or more recipients you specify.
  • Field Updates—Update the value of a field on a record.

Each workflow step can consist of:

  • Criteria that cause the workflow rule to run.
  • Immediate actions that execute when a record matches the criteria. For example, Elements can automatically send an email that notifies the account team when a new high-value account is created.
  • Time-dependent actions that queue when a record matches the criteria, and execute according to time triggers. For example, Elements can automatically send an email reminder to the account team if a high-value deposit is still in ten days before the close date.



Example > Workflow: Address Change 

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