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Get Started with Reports and Dashboards
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Salesforce has a great set of videos about Building a Report and Building a Dashboard.

Link: Salesforce Reports and Dashboards Videos

The videos we recommend that are in the link above include:

  • Build a Report
  • Build a Dashboard
  • Filter Report Data (note- this video discusses Opportunities and Cases which you do not have access to through Elements)
  • Add Filter Logic (note - this video is about advanced filtering on your reports)
  • How to User Cross Filters (note - this video gives an example on how to clean up client data)
  • Make Data-Driven decisions with Reports and Dashboard (note - this video shows how reports and dashboards can help you in your business)
  • Dynamically Filter Reports Using URL Parameters 
  • Subscribe to Reports and Dashboards
  • Manage Report and Dashboard Folders

For those of you who use Salesforce's Trailhead learning site, there is also a great Trailhead Module for Reports & Dashboards for Lightning Experience.

Link: Salesforce Trailhead Module for Reports & Dashboards

Link: Salesforce Help Docs on Reports & Dashboards

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