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List Views
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Navigating List Views

List views are a great way to sort, prioritize, and analyze the records that are most important to you.


  1. Select a list view from the dropdown menu. Pin a list to set it as your default.
  2. Search a list view for the data you need. Results will be based on the records in that particular list view (filters included).
  3. Create records directly from a list view.
  4. List View Controls allow you to customize your list view. See the information about this below!
  5. View a list in different ways.
  6. Visualize list view data charts with the chart icon, and refine which records are displayed using filters with the filter icon.

Editing Records in List View

The ability to make these changes is based on your access and role. Please contact your System Administrator with any questions.

  1. Edit a field directly from a list view with the pencil icon.
  2. Edit or Delete a record by selecting the dropdown to the right of the record.

List View Controls

Basic Controls:

New - create a new list view from scratch

Clone - clone a list view to make personalized changes to the new view

Rename - update the name of the current list view - this will update it for all users!

Share Settings - share the list view with all users, or a group of users

Reset Column Widths - adjust the column widths back to default

Advanced Controls:

Edit List Filters - choose the filters for you list view

When filtering by dates, you can use the Relative Date Filters, and here's a reference table for those Relative Date Filters.

Select Fields to Display - choose the fields you display in your list view columns


Need to limit who can make edits to public List Views? Check out this article Lock Access to Edit List Views.

Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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