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Workflow Manager in Elements FAQ
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Salentica Workflow Manager

The Product Team at Salentica is hard at work to bring you the new Workflow Manager for Elements. See below for answers to commonly asked questions.


Q: What is Salentica Workflow Manager?

A: Salentica Workflow Manager is a powerful automation tool within the Salentica Elements platform that streamlines and standardizes key business processes. With pre-built templates for account opening, client onboarding, deposits, risk tolerance updates, and withdrawals, it enables users to efficiently manage repetitive tasks. Customizable templates, required fields, frequencies, and task assignments make it easy to adapt to your organization's unique needs, enhancing productivity and reducing errors. Simplify your workflows and focus on what matters most—growing your business with Salentica Workflow Manager.


Q: What advantages does Salentica Workflow Manager offer my firm?

A: The Workflow Manager simplifies both initial and ongoing setup, providing immediate results in task-based business processes. Its user-friendly design promotes quick user onboarding. As the platform owner, Salentica can efficiently enhance workflow capabilities based on user feedback, which is not possible with Conga Orchestrate, a solution not owned or controlled by Salentica.


Q: Will Elements include pre-built workflows?

A: Yes, Elements will feature pre-built workflow templates to make it easier for you to get started. 


Q: Can Check List Controls be used outside of Workflows?

A: Check List Controls can be employed outside of Workflow Manager; however, this may require a professional services engagement due to the expertise needed in creating a Lightning Flow for implementation with other objects. Basic support may not cover this, so please contact Support for further information on any additional costs involved.


Q: Is Salentica moving away from Process Builders?

A: Process Builders will continue to be an integral part of the Salesforce architecture, and Salentica will provide support for them. However, the Workflow Manager will be built on Flows, offering a more intuitive way to manage tasks, checklists, and approval processes. Flows operate behind the scenes, reducing the need for Support intervention and keeping users mostly unaware of background processes.



Conga Orchestrate & Requests

Q: Will Salentica cease offering support and services for Conga?

A: While there are no immediate plans to discontinue support, it is likely to happen once most firms have adopted Salentica Workflow Manager. We will ensure a smooth transition for all parties involved.


Q: Does Salentica plan to phase out its relationship with Conga Orchestrate and its support?

A: Salentica has no immediate plans to discontinue Conga Orchestrate on its platform. We anticipate that Conga Orchestrate will remain available for several more years.


Q: Will Salentica eventually alter its enterprise relationship with Conga?

A: Although changes may occur in the future, there are no immediate plans to modify the relationship. Firms who prefer Conga Orchestrate can establish a direct relationship with Conga rather than through Salentica as a reseller.


Q: What is the initial plan for the Workflow Manager Major Release?

A: Salentica Workflow Manager will be offered to new firms, while existing Conga Orchestrate users on Elements can choose to continue with Conga Orchestrate or transition to the new Workflow Manager, whichever best suits their needs. New firms will not have Conga Orchestrate by default. If a new firm wishes to use Conga Orchestrate they would be required to work directly with Conga to acquire a license. 


Q: Will Salentica develop a tool to convert Conga Orchestrate workflows into Salentica Workflow Manager workflows?

A: Currently, there are no plans to create such a tool. Translating existing Conga workflows to Salentica Workflow Manager will be a manual process. Professional service arrangements can be made at an additional cost for firms wishing to pursue this option.

Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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