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Installing Salentica University for Elements
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Salentica University, powered by WalkMe, is a browser extension that offers users training tutorials and on-screen guidance at the moment of need, right in their Salentica Elements environment. With simple step-by-step instructions provided in real time, users are guided through daily processes, such as how to add a Contact or log an Activity. 


Adding Salentica University only takes a few steps. Once added, the Salentica University menu, learning paths, and additional resources are available for all enabled users. 

How to Add Salentica University to Your Browser 

Add it for Yourself

Any user can install Salentica University by following these steps:


Manually Download and Install the Extension 


Add it for All Users

IT personnel has the ability to roll Salentica University out to all Salentica users at your firm using one of the following deployment methods: 


Mass Deployment for One Specific Browser

1. Log into WalkMe Download site to get instructions based on installer (Windows or MacOS)

2. Use login username: [email protected]

3. Once you select the options, the interactive guide will walk you through the mass deployment option. 




Mass Deployment for Multiple Browsers: All-In-One Installer 

Click this link to manually download the All in One Installer-Windows (Chrome, Firefox, IE)

  • This must be run on each machine or install it via your own mass deployment process 



Brief Overview


WalkMe’s All-in-One Installer makes it easy for IT teams to widely deploy the WalkMe Master Extension across all browser types with a single installer file. The All-In-One Installer helps new users complete the Mass Deployment process with ease, embracing the DAP revolution, it aims to offer a simple installation through a single file, allowing cross-browser use and minimizing deployment errors or malfunctions. 


The All-In-One Installer involves a single file based on your Master Extension. It simply needs to be run by you or your IT personnel and it will automatically install on the relevant computers. 



What does the installer do?  



  1. Installs WalkMe's Extension on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge. 

  1. Creates a new folder under /Program Files/WalkMe/WalkMeInstaller. 

  1. Adds an uninstall option through Windows Control Panel. 


  1. Installs WalkMe's Extension on Chrome and Firefox as well as the Safari App Extension. 

  1. Adds an uninstall option separate for each browser. 

Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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