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Send List Email
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 Using your List View in Contacts, you can quickly create a customized list of client to send an email to, even using merge fields that personalize the email for each client. Once you create your List View in Contacts, it is easy to send your email. At one time, you can send emails to up to 5,000 Contacts.


To send this mass email, you will go to Contacts > List View > Send List Email

When you click on Send List Email, Elements prompts you to compose your email. 

Recipients: Choose specific recipients prior to clicking Send List Email if you don't want the email to be sent to the entire list, otherwise, just click Send List Email and all Contacts in the List will be included in the recipient list.

Subject: Enter your Email Subject.

Content: Body of your email. Use tools like merge field, templates, and attachments to enhance your email communication.

Once you have written your email, click Review to see the sample email, and the full recipient list. If you want, you can click on each Contact name to see the email they will receive.

Click Send when you're ready!


As you create your email, you can save the email as a Template and use it again. You can choose to save it as a template for just yourself, or share it with others.

Click Insert/Create/Update Template icon > Name your Template > Choose Private Folder or Public Folder

If you're generally making a lot of Email Templates, you can add the Email Templates list as an object to your menu.

Fun Facts about sending emails

  1. The Send List Email tool is only available on the Contact Object.
  2. The email will be coming from the user who is creating the email. This means that if someone different is composing the emails that from whom you want the email to be sent, you will need to create this as a template and have the correct user send out the email.
  3. These emails will become an Activity for the Contact. This means you will see these emails in the Activity lists, the emails will update the Last Contacted On information for the Contact, and the contact activity can be aggregated at the Relationship level.
  4. The emails are Blind Copy emails, so there will be no distribution of client email information and this also help bypass the Spam filters on most email tools.

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