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Replays of Webinars
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Here are the replays of the webinars we did this summer:

Navigation of Elements

Activities and Requests

Reports and Dashboards

Elements Access

Requests: Overview and Editing


Reports Deepdive



Details about the webinar topics:

  1. Navigation of Elements - Core Objects on Elements; Creating, Editing, and Deleting Records; How the Objects Interact; Standard Fields on Elements
  2. Activities - Using Activities, Tasks, Requests, and Client Notes; Best Practices; Using email with your CRM
  3. Reports & Dashboards  - What are Reports & how they're associated with Dashboards; Using Report filters; List Views
  4. Elements Access - Profiles, Permission Sets, Roles - What are they and how to best use them
  5. Requests on Elements - What are Requests and how they're different from Activities (Tasks); Brief overview on changing Requests; Workflow Best Practices
  6. Reports Deepdive - Creating New Reports; Best Practices on Reports & Dashboards; Using Reports for data downloads
  7. Personalizing Elements - Current Page Layouts; Updating Page Layouts; Other Personalizations of Elements

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