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Live Webinar Training Schedule

We are offering basic Elements training as 45 minute, stand-ups covering an array topics, including a Q&A session at the end of the trainings. These trainings will help you navigate and setup your Elements CRM.


By the end of the trainings, we want you to be comfortable with:

  • The main objects in Elements,
  • Navigation of the platform,
  • Activities and how they work,
  • Reports & Dashboards, and
  • Working in Elements.


Each training, with the same name, will have the same content. We recommend that you register for the array of stand-ups to receive the holistic picture of Elements, and to allow you to build on information presented in previous sessions.



Date Time Topic Registration
Tuesday, July 7th 2 pm EST Navigation of Elements Completed!
Thursday, July 9th 11 am EST Activities Completed!
Monday, July 13th 10 am EST Navigation of Elements Completed!
Wednesday, July 15th 1 pm EST Activities Completed!
Tuesday, July 21st 2 pm EST Reports & Dashboards Completed!
Thursday, July 23rd 11 am EST Elements Access Completed!
Monday, July 27th 10 am EST Reports & Dashboards Completed!
Wednesday, July 29th 2 pm EST Elements Access Completed!
Monday, August 3rd 10 am EST Requests on Elements Completed!
Wednesday, August 5th 1 pm EST Reports Deepdive Completed!

Tuesday, August 11th

2 pm EST Requests on Elements Completed!
Thursday, August 13th  11 am EST Reports Deepdive Register Here
Monday, August 17th 10 am EST Personalizing Elements Register Here
Wednesday, August 19th 1 pm EST Personalizing Elements Register Here
























Details about the webinar topics:

  1. Navigation of Elements - Core Objects on Elements; Creating, Editing, and Deleting Records; How the Objects Interact; Standard Fields on Elements
  2. Activities - Using Activities, Tasks, Requests, and Client Notes; Best Practices; Using email with your CRM
  3. Reports & Dashboards  - What are Reports & how they're associated with Dashboards; Using Report filters; List Views
  4. Elements Access - Profiles, Permission Sets, Roles & Relationship Teams - What are they and how to best use them
  5. Requests on Elements - What are Requests and how they're different from Activities (Tasks); Brief overview on changing Requests; Workflow Best Practices
  6. Reports Deepdive - Creating New Reports; Best Practices on Reports & Dashboards; Using Reports for data downloads
  7. Personalizing Elements - Current Page Layouts; Updating Page Layouts; Other Personalizations of Elements

Because all CRMs can be customized by the System Administrator, it is possible your views and access will differ. 
Please contact your System Administrator with questions on your firm's views and access.

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