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Business Development Dashboard
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The New Business module is deployed with one dashboard, which is based on Relationship reports. You can also use Contact reports if you are tracking your New Business on Contacts.


There are 6 charts/graphs in the New Business dashboard:

  1. Top Prospect List - Active New Business records sorted by Revenue

  2. Total Revenue New Business - Sum of Revenue for Active New Business records

  3. Total Active New Business - New Business records that are in an Active state

  4. Total Estimated Revenue by Warmth - Sum of Revenue by Warmth for Active New Business records

  5. Total Estimate Revenue by Phase - Sum of Revenue by Phase for Active New Business records

  6. New Business Closing in next 90 Days - Chart listing any New Business records that are expected to close in next 90 days (based off of Est. Close Date)


Learn more about the Business Development app here

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