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What is a Task?
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A Task is a one-time internal to-do item. Tasks are generally internal actions that need to be taken by firm users and are not necessarily initiated by a client request. Tasks include things like a Business Development call, an internal call (maybe about a client or event), or an administrative task associated with a Relationship or Contact, that the client is not directly involved in. Keep in mind that client communications or interactions should be logged specifically as a call, meeting, or email rather than a Task.


Tasks enable you to keep up with your “To Do” list within Elements. Unlike other Activities, Tasks have a due date associated with them. This helps you organize which items need to be taken care of first. Tasks are assigned to a user, either yourself (by default), or they can be delegated to other firm users as well.  You can see a list of Tasks that belong to you as well as lists of Tasks that you have delegated to others. The Task list can be filtered by upcoming or overdue Tasks based on the Task’s due date. You can also see Reports and Dashboards to keep track of all your Tasks and their status. 

Where Are Tasks Created in Elements?

Tasks can be created on Relationships, Contacts, Families, Companies, Portfolios, Financial Accounts, and New Business objects under the Activity section. However, the Relationship is the hub of information in Elements, therefore Salentica recommends tracking Tasks on the Relationship and associating the related Contact. This allows the Task to be visible on both the Relationship and Contact Activities. More than one contact can be associated to a Task. For example, both the primary and secondary contacts in the Relationship, as well as indirect contacts, such as an attorney or accountant can be assigned to a Task.


Under the Activity section of a Relationship, Tasks are indicated by a green checklist icon. Click the Task Icon to open a new window.

Here you will see fields that are required to save the Task marked with a red asterisk. Once you have updated the Task, click Save.


How do I Edit and Complete a Task?

Once a Task is saved, it will become part of the Activity Timeline. The Task will show in the Upcoming & Overdue section at the top of the Activity list to indicate it needs completion based on the status and due date.  From here, you can quickly and easily check the box next to the Task subject to mark the Task as complete. This will draw a line through the Task to indicate its completion. The completed Task will then become part of the Activity timeline, and be removed from the Upcoming & Overdue section.

Another option is to click on the subject of the Task to view more details and options. A tab will open that will show you details of the Task. On this tab, you can Mark the Task as Complete, Edit Comments, Change the Due Date, or Change the Status through the buttons on the top right. You can also change the Owner of the Task to another user.


Where can I See a List of Tasks?

There are two main places you can view Tasks. On the specific Relationship, Contact, Families, Portfolios, Financial Accounts, and New Business objects under the Activity Timeline and in a holistic list view on the Tasks tab. On the Tasks tab, you will find pre-created List Views and you can create your own List Views to sort Tasks. The list below shows Overdue Tasks. You can edit Tasks directly from the List Views to change Due Dates and change the Status to Complete for example.


Another great tool for viewing Tasks is the Today's Tasks section found on the Home tab. Here you can click the dropdown arrow to view lists of your Tasks due Today, My Tasks, All Overdue, Completed Within Last 7 Days, and Delegated Tasks. You can also click View All to be taken to the full List View.



Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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