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Salesforce Enhanced Domains Requirement
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Enhanced domains are being added by Salesforce to meet current browser requirements and ensure that all pages within your Salesforce org use the same URL structure (My Domain). Most, if not all, firms will already have My Domain enabled, and Enhanced Domains should not impact your ability to access Salesforce as the URL will remain the same. 


Enhanced domains will be automatically deployed to all Salesforce orgs in Spring '23 (February 2023) and will be required by Salesforce in Winter '24 (October 2023).


Starting in the Winter '23 Release (October 2022), Salesforce orgs will have a banner at the top that will only appear if Enhanced Domains have not yet been enabled and it looks like this.


The guide below will walk through how to enable Enhanced Domains before enforcement in Spring '23 and the requirement in Winter '24. Firms should be aware that when enabling Enhanced Domains that this will change their My Domain to utilize this feature org-wide and will not just be for specific users.


Note: Salesforce does recommend testing this in a sandbox first before deploying in Production, and firms should test this feature before Salesforce deploys in Spring '23 so that they can ensure that there are no potential issues and disable it if necessary.


Enabling Enhanced Domains

1. Go to Setup and then access My Domain by typing "My Domain" in the Quick Find box. 

2. Note that on the My Domain page there is a way to opt-out of the automatic deployment of Enhanced Domains in Spring '23 by unchecking the Automatically deploy enhanced domains in Spring '23 checkbox. However, this will not exempt your firm from automatic enforcement in Summer '23.

3. To enable Enhanced Domains, click Edit and then check the Use enhanced domains checkbox. Click Save.

4. Your screen will then look similar to the one below:


5. Next you will see the numbers 1 and 2 checked. These should be automatically checked since you should be using My Domain already. 

Step 1. Choose and register a My Domain

a. Refers to whether My Domain is enabled. This should be automatically checked. My Domain refers to whether you have a domain with a prefix such as elementssupport added to your Salesforce domain. If My Domain is not enabled, then your Salesforce domain would start with your Salesforce Instance (ex. NA64).

Step 2. Salesforce provisions your new domain

a. This will automatically be checked because when you click Save on the previous page, Salesforce automatically provisions your new domain.

Step 3. Deploy your new domain to users

a. This will automatically be checked when the Deploy New Domain button is clicked in the below screenshot. Clicking this button will also finish the deployment process.

6. Once the Deploy New Domain button is clicked, you will be automatically logged out of Elements, but you can log back in the way you typically would from there. Note that when you are logged out, they may be directed to the default Salesforce login page, which is at After logging back in, you will see that the Enhanced Domains banner is no longer displaying in your org and the My Domain page will show that your Current Domain is with enhanced domains.


Disabling Enhanced Domains

1. If you need to disable Enhanced Domains, click Edit on the My Domain Details. 

2. Uncheck the box for Use enhanced domains. Note: You must wait up to 15 minutes to disable Enhanced Domains after enabling the feature.

3. Click Deploy New Domain, which will deploy your domain without Enhanced Domains. 

Note: This will turn on the banner notice that was present before. The banner can only be removed by re-enabling Enhanced Domains or disabling banners.

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