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Salesforce's Einstein Activity Capture (EAC)
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What Does Einstein Activity Capture Do?

Einstein Activity Capture is a productivity-boosting tool that helps keep your email and calendar aligned with Salesforce. It has two main functions. First, it captures email and events from your Microsoft or Google account and adds them to the activity timeline of related Salesforce records. This eliminates the need to manually log activities in Salesforce. Contact data is also captured and used to create email insights. Einstein Activity Capture also syncs events and contacts between Salesforce and your Microsoft or Google account.




Emails and events that users send and receive are automatically added to related records in Salesforce.

Emails and events appear on the activity timeline of the related records. Events also appear on the Salesforce calendar.

Contact data is captured from the connected account’s email and calendar. The data is used to generate email insights and recommended connections. The data isn’t added as Salesforce contact records.

Contacts and events are synced between Salesforce and the connected account.

When contacts and events sync to Salesforce, they become Salesforce records. Events show up in the My Events calendar.

Captured data isn’t stored in Salesforce, so it’s not available in standard reporting or with Salesforce platform capabilities, such as triggers.

Synced data is stored in Salesforce, so it’s available in standard reporting and Salesforce platform capabilities.

Capture for emails and events is on by default. The admin can disable email capture from an Einstein Activity Capture configuration. The admin can define other capture settings that apply to all users.

The admin creates a configuration that defines which direction contacts and events sync. The admin can define other sync settings that apply to the specific Einstein Activity Capture configuration.

The admin must assign users to Einstein Activity Capture through one of the supported permission set licenses. Emails and events are captured by default. To prevent emails from being captured, the admin must add the users to a configuration that has emails disabled.

The admin must assign users to Einstein Activity Capture through one of the supported permission set licenses. The admin must add the users to an Einstein Activity Capture configuration that includes syncing.

Users must connect at least one email account to Salesforce, and they can connect more than one. The accounts can be any of the supported service providers.

The email account on the user record must be connected to Salesforce. The account the user connects must be the same email and calendar service the admin connected to Salesforce. For example, if the admin connects Microsoft Exchange, the user must connect a Microsoft Exchange account.

Email sent from Salesforce goes through the connected email account.

Email isn’t affected because it isn’t synced.


Important Note: The default storage of emails and events is 6 months from the date the email/event occurred. Also, Salesforce limits users to 100 free licenses to sync Contacts, Events, and /or Emails via Einstein Activity Capture. Any license over 100 users will incur a fee. If you are close to 100 users or are growing as a firm, reach out to our Support Team for further assistance. 

Salentica's Take on EAC

Einstein Activity Capture (EAC) is the recommended replacement of Lightning Sync by Salesforce. Please take the following into consideration before turning on Event or Email Capture with EAC. These will primarily be concerns if you are using Events or Emails with InTouch and/or Time/Expense. If you have any questions about how Salentica recommends using Einstein Activity Capture with Elements, please reach out to the Support team for additional guidance.

  • Emails are not logged in the database, so they will not trigger any Flows (InTouch)

  • Emails cannot be linked to custom objects ex) Financial Accounts, Requests, Legal Entity, etc.

  • Cannot specify Related To record for emails. This would be problematic for handling COI emails.

  • Emails are rolled up to the Relationship for direct members only.

  • Events are logged as records, but need to be manually set to the Related To record in Elements

  • Will create duplicate records if Events are tracked through the standard Outlook/Gmail add-in

If firms want to opt-in to EAC only and not use the standard Outlook/Gmail integration, there will be a loss of functionality as mentioned above. Future Elements enhancements may not be available due to the current limitations in place.


Learn more about Email Integrations for Elements here

Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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