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Contacts on Deals
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Contact records store much of the information that you and your team collect from sellers and owners of investments you are doing business with. Similar to Outlook or other email programs, you store data about the people you know and work with in Contacts. Contacts can be related to Companies, Investments, and Investment Opportunities.


Where can I see Contacts?

To access Contacts, select Contacts from the Navigation bar. You will see a list, Recently Viewed, which has been filtered to show only Deals Contact records, or other views you or your firm create. Each of these lists is searchable, sortable, and filterable. To view a specific Contact's details, select the Name

What's in a Contact?

Contact Highlights

  • Name
  • Relatinship Name
  • Contact Type
  • Phone (2)
  • Primary Email
  • Contact Owner


Contact Updates

  • +Follow
  • Change Owner
  • Delete
  • Edit


  • Contact Information
    • Name
    • Nickname
    • Investment
    • Relationship Name
    • Title
    • Investment Pipeline Checkbox
    • Contact Owner
    • Important Dates
      • Birthdate 
      • Days Until Next Birthday
      • Next Birthday
      • Anniversary
      • Date of Death
  • Address Information
    • Mailing Address
    • Billing Address
  • Phone Numbers
    • Home Phone
    • Mobile Phone
    • Assistant
    • Phone
    • Billing Phone
    • Asst. Phone
  • Email Addresses
    • Primary Email
    • Alternate Email
  • InTouch
    • Last Contacted On
    • Last Contact Activity
    • Last Contacted By
  • Personal Information
    • Gender
    • Marital Status 
    • Spouse/Partner
    • Age (current)
    • Age (EOY)
    • Citizenship 
    • Number of Dependents?
  • Employment Details
    • Current Employment
    • Job Title
    • Annual Income
    • Current Employer
    • Occupation
  • Communication Preferences
    • Email Opt Out
    • Do Not Call


  • Activity History
  • Related Relationships
  • Employment History
  • Investment Accounts
  • Rep Codes
  • Tax Filings

Notes & Files



  • Underlying Activity






Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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