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Due Diligence on Deals
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Through the process of expanding your business, due diligence becomes a larger part of the everyday work of a firm. The new Deals Due Diligence module centralizes this effort for you, our clients. This will help streamline your effort to collect your emails, surveys, and meeting notes that are required for your due diligence processes. Using the new Due Diligence tools, you can memorialize your process, protocols, and notes, all in one place, creating greater collaboration in the due diligence process. We have related the Due Diligence table to:

  • Investments
  • Companies
  • Investment Opportunities.


Due Diligence comes as two parts, individual rows, or records, to memorialize when due diligence efforts are conducted, and as a Due Diligence tab that can be seen on each row (record) of an Investment, Company, and Investment Opportunity on Deals. The Due Diligence rows allow you to track basic details about each opened due diligence effort, with the important details to be recorded on the underlying table. So as you complete your annual due diligence on a Company, you can update the important details on the Company row, while recording your due diligence efforts on a due diligence row (record).

Due Diligence

The information that is included on the Due Diligence Table:

  • Due Diligence #
  • Due Diligence Type
  • Due Diligence Status
  • Frequency Type


The information included on the Due Diligence record:

Due Diligence Type

  • Due Diligence Status
  • Company, Investment Opportunity, or Investment, based on where due diligence was created
  • Investment Pipeline Check box


  • Frequency Type
  • Start
  • End
  • Notes



New Due Diligence Fields



New Columns Column Type
Active litigation files Check box
Any decrees, judgments, settlements Check box
Loan, bank agreements or lines of credit Check box
Past or present gov investigation Check box
Pending or threatened litigation Check box
Settled or concluded litigation Check box
Copies of attorneys' letters to auditors Check box
Copies of attorney response to audit inqry Check box
Copies of any contracts Check box
Copy of guarantees to where Co is a party Check box
Licensing or franchise agreements Check box


Wealth Management

New Columns Column Type
Lifes Insurance For Holders Checkbox
Multiplier ? (4x, 5x, 10x) Memo
Fund Types Memo
Meeting With Heirs? Checkbox
AVG Age of Accounts (Years) Decimal Number
Existing Broker Fees Memo
Employee Tenure Memo
Capital Structure Memo
Number of Active Client Accounts Whole Number
Strategic fit within the buyer org Asmnt Check box
List of value drivers for acquisition Check box
Audited statements for the last 3 years Check box




New Columns Column Type
Any doc relating to a regulatory agency Check box
Material reports to gov entities, agency Check box
Compliance policy and written standards Check box
Copy of gov licenses, permits, consents Check box
Potential antitrust issues Check box
Zero Dollar Account Report Check box


Direct Investment



New Columns Column Type
A list of assets and liabilities Two Options
A list of collateral for debt Two Options
A list of non-operational expenses Two Options
A list of outstanding debt Two Options
A list of the company internal controls Two Options
Analysis of gross margins Two Options
Breakdown of sales and gross profits Two Options
List of Patents Two Options
Planned projection vs. actual sales cart Two Options
Projection,capital budget,strategic plan Two Options



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