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Distribution Channels
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Distribution Channels are a distinct segment of the Company that sells the Asset Management firm's investment products to their clients, such as Morgan Stanley San Diego. Each Distribution Channel can be tracked in different stages of the sales process (Prospect > Active> Terminated). Track the necessary details on your Distribution Channels, including aggregated information, contacts, Rep Codes, and Activities such as emails, phone calls, and meetings.

Where can I find Distribution Channels?

To access Distribution Channels, select Distribution Channels on the Navigation Bar. You can choose to view All, Recently Viewed, or any views you or your firm create. To see the specific details of a Distribution Channel, select the Distribution Channel Name.

What's in a Distribution Channel?

Channel Highlights

  • Total Market Value 🔑
  • Number of Open Accounts 🔑
  • InTouch Service Level 

Related List Quick Links

  • Distribution Teams
  • New Business
  • Time/Expense
  • Investment Accounts
  • Key Executives
  • Rep Codes
  • Due Diligence
  • Files
  • Notes

Channel Status

  • Prospect
  • Active
  • Terminated

Channel Menu

  • Details
  • Pipeline
  • Notes & Files
  • Related

Channel Information

  • Distribution Channel Name
  • Company
  • Description
  • Relationship Manager
  • Channel AUM
  • Invested AUM
  • Committed AUM
  • Total Market Value 🔑
  • Number of Open Accounts 🔑
  • Average Account Size 🔑
  • Valuation Date 🔑

Aggregation Information

  • Accounts Opened, Accounts Closed, Contributions, Withdrawals for the following time periods:
  • YTD 🔑
  • Rolling 12M 🔑
  • Inception to Date 🔑

Due Diligence

  • Type of Firm
  • Counterparty details
  • Business Model
  • Public Legal Considerations/Complaints?


  • Time/Expense gives you an overview of the Time/Expense for the Distribution Channel as determined by durations entered on Activities 🔑


  • Activity Timeline

🔑 - Field is calculated, cannot be updated manually.

Rep Codes

You can now add multiple Rep Codes to Contacts, as well as associate them with a Distribution Channel. 

Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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