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Investment Strategies
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An Investment Strategy is a grouping of similar investment products that helps investors reach their financial goals. An Investment Strategy on Elements allows you to see the underlying data you need on your strategy. This includes the underlying products, aggregated information such as total market value, contributions and withdrawals, and associated accounts. You can easily view the expansion or contraction of your strategy over time. 

How do I see Investment Strategies?

To access Investment Strategies within the Elements Asset Manager App, go to Menu > Investment Strategies. You can see your Recently Viewed, All, or any lists you and your firm creates. To view a strategy's details, click on the Investment Strategy Name.

What's in an Investment Strategy?

Strategy Name

Related List Quick Links

  • Investment Products
  • Investment Accounts 
  • Notes
  • Files

Strategy Menu

  • Details

  • Related
  • Notes & Files

Strategy Details

  • Investment Strategy Name
  • Strategy Code
  • Total Market Value
  • Number of Open Accounts
  • Average Account Size
  • Valuation Date

Aggregation Information

Based on the totals of the underlying accounts, displays YTD, Rolling 12M, and Inception to Date totals for the following categories:

  • Accounts Opened
  • Accounts Closed
  • Contributions
  • Withdrawals


  • Underlying Activities

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