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Financial Plan
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A financial plan is a document containing a person's current financial situation, long-term monetary goals, and any strategies developed to achieve those goals. Advisors need an understanding of these financial plans in order to determine the best course of action to achieve them. To make this easier for Advisors, and to keep all this information in one place, Salentica Elements has added the new entity call the Financial Plan. This is where these details about the Financial Plan can be logged, revisited, and adjusted as needed for team members to reference when having this important discussion with clients.


On an ongoing basis, users can document the client’s goals as they change and add amendments to the Financial Plan as necessary. Detailing Return Objectives, Risk Objectives, Liquidity, and Life Expectancy on the Financial Plan will help build the framework for the client’s IPS.


What's included in a Financial Plan?

Field Name   Field Type
  Name   Text & Required
  Last Review Date   Date
  New Review Date   Date
  Current Situation   Long Text Area
  Proposed Situation   Long Text Area
  Relationship   Master Detail - Filled w/Relationship & Required
  Tax Filing Information

  Look Up to Tax Filing


Liquidity Analysis

  Field Name   Field Type
  Return Objective   Long Text Area
  Risk Objective   Long Text Area
  Liquidity   Long Text Area
  Life Expectancy   Long Text Area

Financial Plan Amendments and Financial Plan Goals

In addition to Financial Plan, Financial Plan Amendments and Financial Plan Goals are also available. They can be found on the Related Lists of a Financial Plan. 

Financial Plan Goals - consists of dates and details of a goal

  • Specific Portfolios and Financial Accounts can be linked to each individual goal, as necessary
  • Multiple Financial Plan Goals can be associated with a single Financial Plan


Field Type
  Name   Text & Required
  Description   Long Text Area
  Financial Plan   Look Up to Financial Plan
  Date   Date


Financial Plan Amendments - consists of dates and details of the amendment to the Financial Plan


Field Type
  Name   Text & Required
  Portfolio   Look up to Portfolio
  Date Added   Date
  Date Removed   Date
  Financial Plan   Look up to Financial Plan
  Financial Account   Look up to Financial Account
  Details   Long Text Area

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