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Relationship Navigation
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Relationship Navigation & Relationship Name

To access Relationships, you will go to Menu > Relationships. If you choose the drop-down arrow near Relationships, it will display +New Relationship, Recent Records, and Recent Lists. By clicking on Relationships in the Menu, you will see a list view of Relationships associated with your firm. You can choose to view your Recently Viewed Relationships, All Relationships, or other lists that have been created by either you or your firm. Each of these lists are searchable, sortable, filterable, and can allow for inline editing. To choose a specific Relationship to view the details you need to click on the Relationship Name to open the Relationship entity.

What's in a Relationship?

Relationship Updates

In the top right corner of Relationship, there are links that help you quickly update the Relationship entity you are viewing. Customization of these links, and permissioning of access to these links, can be updated by the System Administrator. Our defaults include:

  • +Follow
  • Change Record Type
  • Change Owner
  • New Note
  • Edit
  • Delete

Highlights Panel

A fully customizable part of the Relationship entity, the Highlights Panel includes top information about the Relationship that your System Administrator has indicated to be vital to your Relationships. By default, our Highlights Panel includes loaded information (Segmentation), information received daily from your Portfolio Management System (Total Market Value), and calculated information based on activities (Last Contacted On).

Related List Quick Links

Related List Quick Links are just that, quick links to access information that is related to the Relationship entity. You can either hover over the links to see the first related records (up to 10), or you can click on the links to see the full list. System Administrators can customize these links for your firm, and with the proper permission, you can choose to also customize your personal Related List Quick Links. To customize quick links, go to your personal settings > enter Customize My Pages in the Quick Find box > select Customize My Pages > select Relationships.

Salentica has chosen the following quick links: Alerts, Related Contacts, Portfolios, Financial Accounts, Requests, Relationship Team, Notes, and Notes & Attachments.

Relationship Menu

Below your Relationship Name, Highlights Panel, and Related Quick Links, the bulk of the information about the Relationship is included.The data points that are listed below are defaults based on Element's initial template. They can be edited, moved or removed by your System Administrator. Please reach out to your System Administrator or Elements Service team for more information.


  • Relationship Details
    • Relationship Name, Segmentation, Client Since, Referral Source, Home Phone, Home Fax, Relationship Owner, Ownership, Primary Contact, Secondary Contact, COI Primary Contact, Relationship Notes
      • Data Point Source - Loaded or Manually Entered
  • Financial Information
    • Total Market Value, Total Supervised, Total Unsupervised, Valuation Date, Master Portfolio
      • Data Point Source - Portfolio Management System
    • Annual Revenue, Billing Frequency, Billing Group
      • Data Point Source - Loaded or Manually Entered
  • Compliance & Service
    • Review Frequency
      • Data Point Source - Loaded or Manually Entered
    • Last Review Date, Last Contacted On, Last Contacted By, Last Contact Activity, Last ADV Date
      • Data Point Source - Activity Based
    • Days Since Last Review, Next Review Date, Days Until Next Review, Days Since Last ADV
      • Data Point Source - Calculated
  • Address Information
    • Billing Address & Mailing Address
      • Data Point Source - Loaded or Manually Entered
  • System Information
    • Created By, Last Modified By
      • Data Point Source - Activity Based (Calculated)
    • Active, Parent Relationship, Relationship Number
      • Data Point Source - Loaded or Manually Entered
    • External ID, Salentica Data Broker ID
      • Data Point Source - External System


The Related section shows the lists of the first records that are associated with the Related List Quick Links - Alerts, Related Contacts, Portfolios, Financial Accounts, Requests, Relationship Team, Notes, and Notes & Attachments. These lists remove the need to hover over the Related List Quick Links access the associated records, and give you additional information about each record on a single page.


Best Practice: Track everything on the Relationship. The Activity will show on the Relationship and any Contacts added.

Under Activity, you can create new activities that already have the Relationship information prepopulated, and track previous activities for the Relationship and their status.

Default Activities include:

  • New Task
  • New Event (Meetings)
  • Log a Call
  • Email


Use Chatter to share information, collaborate, and keep up with the latest updates in the Relationship. From here, you can also tag teammates to notify them about discussions being had about Relationships with which they are associated. Your System Administrator determines the permissions for Chatter and it works in accordance with all of the security and permission settings. 

Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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