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Relationship Profile Score
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How complete are your Relationship Records? Do you have enough information about each of your clients? Using the Relationship Profile Score, you can determine the data points most important for your team, and come up with a score showing the completeness of your records!

As you make updates to your Relationships, and fill out the designated fields, your Relationship Profile Score will recalculate.


Since every firm has different ideas on what creates a complete Relationship record, you can configure the fields that are included in your profile score, and the corresponding weight for those fields.

Relationship Profile Score Configuration

  1. Change your App to Elements Configuration
  2. Click Profile Scores
  3. Click New

  4. Name your Relationship Profile Score
  5. Under General Details, choose the fields that should be included by toggling the fields to Yes
  6. Add a weight to each field you've chosen to add to your Relationship Profile Score

Available fields for the Relationship Profile Score

The Relationship Profile Score record contains the following:

  • Name → can be anything

  • Total Score → Script that add up the weights under General Details. Adds up what their fields weights should sum to ex) 10, 100, 250 etc.

  • Opt-in flag for each field and the associated weight (Yes/No) → Business rules are applied to ensure weights are entered. Here is the list of fields that can be included


  Available Fields
  Primary Contact
  Secondary Contact
  Primary Address
  Start Date
  InTouch Service Level  
  Relationship Health
  Referred By

Notes about Relationship Profile Score

  • You can only have one Relationship Profile Score. If you create more than one, Elements will only calculate the RPS based on the first record.
  • Total Score is a sum of the underlying weights, and can add up to any total value. Generally, clients calculate up to 100, to show a score of 100% complete.
  • When a user modifies any data points that are available for scoring, an underlying flow will be triggered to perform the Profile Score calculation.
  • If you remove a field from the Relationship Page Layout, you will need to adjust your Relationship Profile Score. Removing the field will not automatically update the Relationship Profile Score.
  • At this time, you cannot update the available fields included in the Profile Score. 

Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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