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Elements on Your Mobile Device
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Salentica Elements allows access to some Salesforce integration tools, so in this article we'll use both 'Elements' and 'Salesforce', sometimes interchangeably. 

The Salesforce mobile app puts all your vital information at your fingertips, including:

  • Relationship and Contact details
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Meetings and Tasks 
  • Notifications

The mobile app gives you the same access to your Elements data that you have on your desktop, but the app is organized to help you stay connected in those short, free moments when you're out and about or waiting for your next client meeting.


To get started on the mobile app, you'll need three things:

  1. Download the app to your mobile device (Search the app store on your device or choose the correct app here)
  2. Your Elements username
  3. Your Password

Now you're ready to log in! To log in to Elements on the app:

  1. Start the app by tapping the Salesforce icon on mobile devices' screen, and you will see the login page.
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Tap Log In


Once in the app, you'll see a list of navigation items, with the header 'Mobile Only'.  This lets you know you're utilizing the mobile-friendly versions of these popular Elements Objects.  You'll notice the first 4 items are also found in the navigation menu along the bottom of your screen.



Global search finds matching records in multiple objects.



For example, search for Salentica to get results for the Salentica Relationship as well as your Contacts at Salentica.



Scrolling through all the items in an active Chatter feed looking for a certain piece of information isn't the most efficient use of time. Search the feed instead! You can quickly find information in posts and comments, mentions of specific people and groups, and files.

To search your main feed:

  1. In the navigation menu, select Chatter.
  2. Tap the search box.
  3. Type your keywords then start the search from the keyboard.



Create Tasks and Dictate Notes

An impressive feature of the mobile app is the ability to use your built-in assistant to create speech-to-text Tasks, Search, and Notes.  Simply speak into your phone to quickly and easily create Task subjects, Notes, and more!



The Salesforce mobile app is available for iOS® and Android™ phones and tablets. You can download the iOS app from the App Store®, or the Android app from Google Play™.

Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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