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Track Emails and Access Elements Features from Your Inbox
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You probably spend a good portion of your day working in your inbox, and switching back to Elements to get client, prospect and contact information. Isn’t it time to use email and Elements together? The Salesforce integration with Outlook® and Gmail™ helps you manage both more efficiently. You can view, edit, and add records directly from your email, and relate emails and events to Elements records.


For this integration, Elements leverages a Salesforce integration tool, so don't be alarmed to see both terms 'Elements' and 'Salesforce' used throughout, sometimes interchangeably.  Elements is built on a Salesforce platform, and in some instances, Salentica leverages tools that Salesforce makes available to all users.


For Outlook Users

The integration appears as a side panel next to an open email or event in your email.


  1.  Open the Salesforce pane. To access the integration side panel where you see and interact with your Salesforce information, click the Salesforce icon. The options available are specific to actions you can take while you’re reading or composing an email. In desktop versions of Outlook®, the icon is available in the Ribbon. In Outlook on the web, open or create an email, and click the Salesforce icon.
  2. Access Salesforce data, such as relationships and contacts that match an address in the email. To view more details, such as Chatter feeds, the activity timeline, and related lists, select a matching record. You can also edit Salesforce records directly in the pane. The content and fields available to you in the record details are based on access permissions in Salesforce.
  3. Log the email to Salesforce. To keep Salesforce up to date, relate the email to a matching record.




  • In Outlook, to keep the panel open as you move through your email, click the pin icon. The pin option is available in Outlook 2016 on Windows that is installed using Click-to-Run with build 7900 or later and in Outlook on the web.
  • You can also create a Salesforce record directly from your email by selecting the "+" icon (new contact, new task, etc.).
  • To get more details, launch Salesforce from the email without reentering your login credentials by selecting the launch icon.



For G-Suite Users

In Gmail™, click the Salesforce icon next to your email inbox or calendar. From there, functionality is similar to what is found in Outlook.

Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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