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Sending a single email
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  Elements allows you to setup integrations with your Microsoft Outlook or GMail and email your clients directly through your CRM. This allows you to stay within the CRM when communicating with your clients, creating business efficiencies around email and activity tracking.

  When you email your clients through Elements, you will do so through Contacts. The email you send to a Contact will create an Activity for the Contact, and update the Compliance and Service section on the Contact, which includes the Last Contacted On, Last Contacted By, and the Last Contact Activity.

To send an email to a Contact, go to Menu > Contacts > choose a Contact > Activity > Email. This will bring up a new Email that you can compose and send to your Contact.

Fun Facts about an Email Activity

  • Your "To" field will prepopulate with the Primary Email assigned to the Contact.
  • The Alternate Email will not populate if there is no Primary Email assigned to the Contact.
  • If the Contact has chosen the Email Opt Out, you will receive a notification at the top of the new email composer that warns "Salentica Contact opted out of commercial email".
  • Your email will prepopulate in the "From" and "BCC" fields.
  • You can use merge fields and templates to create efficiencies in your email composition.
  • You can connect the email to another Object that exists or create a new one. For example, if this email is in response to an existing Request, you can associate the two records.
  • You can preview the email before sending.
  • With the email integration setup, you will see the email in your Outlook or Gmail sent box.
  • The email will create an Activity and update your Last Contacted details.


Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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