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2023 Elements Workshop Wednesday Recordings
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January à New Year, New Processes

The session highlights practical applications of Elements Deals, emphasizes the importance of customized client segmentation, and offers insights into editing data while also considering limitations and best practices for effective use within Salentica Elements.

February à Remember that Resolution? Data Cleanliness

Discover why data cleanliness is pivotal and gain valuable insights into effective strategies, tools, and best practices to ensure data quality. The significance of clean data cannot be overstated; it directly impacts the accuracy, usability, and credibility of your data repository. By prioritizing data cleanliness, you not only ensure the integrity of your CRM but also bolster user trust and adoption.

March à Tax Planning in your CRM & Upcoming Product Releases

Tax Planning in your CRM, Major Release 1- 2023, Salesforce Spring & Summer 23 Release

In this webinar, we talk about the Tax Filing Object that comes standard with Elements, how to use existing and custom fields to make reporting and tax filing easier for you and your clients, which then translate into List Views you can use for tax-specific communication. We also looked at Salesforce's Spring release and a forward-looking view to Summer '23. Finally, we also discussed what to look forward to in the Salentica Major Release 1 - 2023, including the new Workflow Manager tool that's now available to everyone! 

April à Add Value in a World of Free

How to deliver added value at scale, using your CRM as a tool. Thanks to continual innovation in technology, virtually every cost in the delivery of investment management services has been eliminated or reduced to just a few basis points. We will explore how technology and your CRM can help:

  • Avoid Costly Mistakes

  • Identify Blind Spots

  • Strive for Simplification

  • Reduce TCO

  • Deliver Added Value At Scale— and Show It

May à Salentica's Apps - Wealth Management, Asset Management, & Deals

Join us to learn how to create tailored CRM experiences for different team members responsible for different lines of business. In any Elements instance, you can easily switch between apps, with just a few clicks. Expanding use cases internally to drive adoption amongst different teams or business units, while tailoring the experience to those users.

July àOnboarding a New Team 

Experiencing business growth? Embrace the opportunity while understanding the crucial steps required to seamlessly integrate new team members into your CRM. Join us for an insightful webinar where we delve into the intricacies of onboarding new users, explore diverse security options available for user management, navigate the process of efficiently loading their invaluable data into your CRM, and harmoniously merge their unique business processes with yours.

August à Data Broker Best Practices

August's session will be centered around Data Broker; allowing you to better understand how to configure, use, and leverage external data inside CRM. Come learn about best practices in utilizing Data Broker--from monitoring dashboards and logs to keeping your version and your interface user up to date. Discover the future enhancements and features that promise to elevate your CRM experience to unprecedented heights.

SeptemberàLightning Sync to Einstein Activity Capture Conversion

Join us for an immersive experience where we demystify the process of configuration, utilization, and the powerful advantages of harnessing EAC within your system. Discover the art of effortlessly configuring and utilizing EAC to automatically capture and integrate emails and events into the activity timeline of related entities. Gain insights into optimizing this innovative tool to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity. This session is your opportunity to engage with experts, ask pertinent questions, and craft tailored strategies for integrating emails and calendars within your organization.

October 18 à Upcoming Releases

Dive into our roadmap and discover the innovative enhancements we've been working on. Whether you're a long-time user eager to learn about the next big thing or a newcomer curious about what's in store, this webinar offers an in-depth look into Salentica’s vision for the future.

November à Planning for Year End

This month, we explored how you can use your CRM as a tool to make those pesky year-end processes easier for you and your firm. We'll talk about using fields and lists to confirm the clients who need RMDs or other tax planning events, talk about how you can use your CRM to help send out cards or gifts to your clients, and review your vendor due diligence.

Decemberà Major Release 2 Review

Learn about the new features that are now available for you in our Major Release 2 - 2023 and how you can incorporate them into your CRM. Major Release 2 brings enhancements designed to elevate the user experience, including refinements to Workflow Manager, updates to automatically transition prospects to clients,  and a number of other great features. 

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