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Data Broker Release Notes for Elements 2022
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The SS&C Salentica team is pleased to announce the latest release of Salentica Data Broker. The release includes the important new features of Consolidated Buttons, creating relationships and timeline posts to Black Diamond from the CRM, and the general release of the integration with Addepar. Check out the new features that are available in Salentica Data Broker! Our Product Team has worked hard to bring these great new tools and features into your CRM. 

New Consolidated Buttons (Beta)

Connecting to your integration partners from within Elements is now easier than ever! View and connect to all of your third-party integrations quickly and easily in one space. New buttons will replace the individual SSO buttons and contextual hyperlinks consolidating them into a single resource for both interactive Real-Time Controls and Contextual Hyperlinks. The following buttons are available in the new Data Broker package once installed:


For more information, see the Integrations page for your Integration partner. 



Black Diamond






Envestnet Tamarac

Black Diamond Updates (Beta)

  • New SSO Button--See the Black Diamond information you need, fast! Quickly log in to Black Diamond without leaving your place in Elements. No need to find the right website to log into, just click a button. When the new SSO button is added to the form/page layout, a login prompt will authenticate the individual user directly to Black Diamond. The access will depend on the user's Black Diamond permissions. Based on the form you are viewing in the CRM, the button can link to the Client View, filtered to the portfolio or account you are viewing in Elements. 


  • Upload a Relationship from your CRM to Black Diamond--Quickly and easily create a new relationship or make relationship updates in both the CRM and Black Diamond! Save time and effort and prevent data entry errors. This great new feature replicates a relationship's information from Elements to Black Diamond, with the push of a button. This button will prompt users to authenticate to Black Diamond with their Black Diamond credentials. Users will need full access to Client Relationships under Permissions in Black Diamond. A new relationship will be created in Black Diamond using details from Elements. 


  • Create Black Diamond Timeline Posts from Your Elements Tasks and Phone Calls--Save time and energy by replicating your Elements Tasks and Phone Calls on the Black Diamond Timeline. In a few steps, the Tasks and Phone Calls you enter in Elements will become Black Diamond Timeline posts. This button will prompt users to authenticate to Black Diamond with their Black Diamond credentials. On Elements Activities, this button will launch an interactive process that will create a Black Diamond timeline post from the Task or Phone Call information using the subject and description entered. 

A Data Broker package update is required to utilize the new Black Diamond functionality.

Addepar Updates

The Addepar integration is moving from Beta status to General Availability status. Import data from Addepar to Elements and log in to Addepar without leaving the CRM. See Addepar information without leaving your place in Elements. The Contextual Hyperlink will open to the financial account you are viewing in Engage. The Consolidated button will prompt users to authenticate with their Addepar credentials. Additional data points will be available including billing and performance corresponding to the Time & Expense in Elements. A Data Broker package update is required to utilize the new Consolidated button functionality. 

Data Broker Enhancements

DST, Orion, and Tamarac data loads will now run Monday through Friday instead of seven days a week.

Infrastructure improvements to help increase processing efficiency.

1. Enter a ticket to our support team for the upgrade link.

2. Use this article for upgrade instructions. 

3. System administrators use this article to install the new Consolidated Buttons into your environment. 


Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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