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Upgrade Elements Data Broker Consolidated Buttons
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These instructions show you how to incorporate the new Consolidated Buttons into your Salentica Elements. 

1. Install the new version of the Data Broker package.

2. Ensure that all "Salentica Data Broker" Connected apps are part of the Salentica Data Broker Permission set and have the correct access setting. 

a. Under Setup> Permission Sets> Select Salentica Data Broker. Select Assigned Connected Apps.


b. Ensure that all Salentica Data Broker connected apps are part of the permission set. 

If not, click Edit.

Then click on all Assigned Connected Apps with the Salentica Data Broker prefix and click Add. Click Save.


c. Finally, Ensure all of the Salentica Data Broker Connected apps have access to the following setting: Admin approved users are pre-authorized

You must set each Connected App individually. Go to Home and search for Manage Connected Apps. Select Manage Connected Apps.



If needed, click Edit and then change the Permitted users dropdown to Admin approved users are pre-authorized and Save


3. Open the Lightning Page Editor. You can do this one of two ways:

      a. From a record within the object you wish to edit, click the gear icon and click Edit Page


     b. Or click the gear icon and click Setup. Click Object Manager and select the object you wish to edit. Then click Lightning Record Pages and choose the page to edit. Click Edit.

4. Update the following Lightning Components, as needed, to reference the "Consolidated Buttons" in the Data Broker's configuration screen. Add the buttons that apply to your integrations. 

  • Relationship (add those that apply)
    • Black Diamond SSO
    • Black Diamond Upload Household
    • Orion
    • LaserApp
    • ModestSpark
    • MoneyGuidePro
  • Portfolio (add those that apply)
    • Black Diamond SSO
    • Please note: The Black Diamond web resource is not part of the Consolidated Buttons as the Last Ten Reports is an embedded, interactive control and not a contextual hyperlink/SSO link.
    • Tamarac Rebalance
  • Financial Accounts (add those that apply)
    • Black Diamond SSO
    • Orion SSO
    • Schwab Move Money
    • Tamarac SSO


Select the Data Broker Lightning component and in the Screen Name dropdown, select Consolidated Integrations. Click Save.


Now you will see the new Consolidated Buttons. The lightning component that houses the buttons can be configured anywhere on the page.

The form looks like this when added to the page layout:

5. Black Diamond Users Only--Add Black Diamond Post to Timeline Button.

Note: The new Consolidated Canvas Component is not compatible with Activity Lightning Record Pages. 

For Activity Objects, only Tasks and Phone Calls are currently supported, add the component to the classic page layout. 

In the example, below, a new section is being created for the button on the selected Page Layout. The lightning component can be configured anywhere on the page layout.

Next, select Canvas Apps, and add the Salentica Data Broker Consolidated Integrations field to the selected section of the page layout. 


Congratulations, you're ready to use the new Data Broker Consolidated Buttons to access your third-party tools all in one place!












Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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