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Activities on Elements
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Document your client interactions all in one place with Activities. The Activity Timeline on a record displays the Activities associated with the record you are on and allows you to add the new Activities from within that screen. We recommend you create your records on the Relationship and make sure you relate all activities to the Relationship and the Contacts.

Add a New Activity

1. Navigate to the Relationship page. Here you will see the Activity Timeline.


2. Select the Activity tab and choose the activity you would like to enter: Log a Call, New Task, New Event, or Email as indicated by the icons below. 

  • Log a Call: quick calls with a client to confirm account details, or say hello
  • New Task: Used to track any internal follow up or action items pending for the client
  • New Event: a regularly scheduled meeting between the advisor and client to review performance and further develop the relationship
  • Email: Send an email to your client directly from the CRM

Note: If a phone call entailed performance reviews -- we suggest to enter the activity as a Client Review Meeting under New Event and check the Client Review box.

3. Fill out the details regarding the activity on the form. Fields with a red asterisk are required by your firm.

4. Click Save.


If you do not see your activity, click Refresh, or adjust your Activity Timeline settings using the settings cog on the timeline.

Add Attachments to an Activity

The activity must already be a saved record before you can add attachments. Please see steps above. 


1. Select the Subject to open the Activity and a screen will open with the details of the activity. 

2. Click Files.

3. Click Add Files. 

4. Click Upload Files.

5. Double-click to select the attachment you want to add.

6. Click Done.

Your attachment has been added to the Activity.


How do I see Activities?

There are two ways to see Activities on Salentica Elements, either as a timeline list for each Relationship or as a longer list across Relationships.

To access Activities on a single Relationship or Contact, open the record and view the Activity Timeline on a record. Here, you can add activities and see a running timeline of past activities, as well as any Upcoming & Overdue activities. 

To see a more comprehensive list of Activities, go to Menu > Tasks. Using List Views, you can see lists of All Open Tasks, My Open Tasks, Delegated Tasks, etc.

Best Practices: Activities vs. Notes

We always get the question "When should I use an Activity and when should I use a Note?" While notes on records generally feel quick and easy, it is not best practice to use notes over Activities. For example, a sales rep may want to add a note that says, "Had a follow-up phone call with Joe about the proposal we submitted on 6/3. He will make a decision by next week."  Actions such as task, phone calls, and meetings should be entered as Activities.

Below are downfalls to using notes, rather than Activities:

  • Notes are not easily searchable.
  • Notes cannot be included in reports. Many organizations like to have statistics and reports on what activities have been completed. 
  • Notes do not roll-up. Unlike activities, if a note is added to a Contact it will not appear on the Relationship. This may cause data to be lost or extra work because users have to recreate the same note several times for different records. 
  • Information may be lost. Using notes creates another place for users to look when trying to find information about that record. Users may not find the note when looking for background history on the record. 

Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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