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Data Broker Troubleshooting Tips on Elements
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If your Data Broker data hasn't updated in Elements for the day, here are some troubleshooting tips. 

Did Data Broker Run?

Did Data Broker run today? If there are no entries in the log for Today, check to make sure Data Broker was scheduled to run. There are two options for Daily Batch Downloads: Manual and Scheduled. Learn more about reviewing Data Broker logs here.

Manual Download

Scheduled Download

Incorrect Credentials

For Data Broker to receive and process files correctly, you need to be sure the credentials on file are up to date. If they have been changed for any reason, and aren't updated within Elements, your Data Broker integration will not work. Check the Data Integration Log to determine if the issue was with the Bulk Update CRM or Request Batched Data log entry. 

  1. Request Batch Data: Status = Error; this means you either have an issue with the file being delivered by your Financial Platform or your credentials need to be updated for that Financial Platform.
    • Next Step: Select the Credentials tab to update the Financial Platform user information (our example shows Black Diamond as the Financial Platform).
    • If the Credentials are correct, check with your Financial Platform to confirm the files were produced and sent.
  2. Bulk Update CRM: Status = Error; this means you have an issue with your Salesforce/Elements credentials. 
    • Next Step: Select the Credentials tab to update the Salesforce Authentication user information. This user must be a Salesforce Admin.

Bulk Data Load Jobs 

The log file will show you if your daily sync completed with or without errors/warnings. You will need to troubleshoot each log entry that does not show a status of Completed Successfully. If you are having issues troubleshooting a log entry error/warning in the Data Broker Configuration Interface, you will need to access the Bulk Data Load Jobs area in Elements. This is where you can review the data load jobs from Data Broker and analyze any issues. 


To access Bulk Data Load Jobs, go to Setup > Environments> Jobs > Bulk Data Load Jobs. You can also use the Quick Find box in Setup to search for Bulk Data Load Jobs

What's in the Bulk Data Load Jobs?

  • Operation: shows if a record is upsert or delete
  • Object: shows which Object is being processed 
  • Records Processed: shows which records passed
  • Records Failed: shows which records failed

Focus on the Records Failed column to troubleshoot the errors found within the Data Broker Logs. 

Steps to Troubleshoot Issues with Data Broker Logs 

1. Select Job ID to view the results of the job that failed. 

2. In the Batches section, you will see two links: View Request and View Result. View Request will show you the RAW data from the Financial Platform that is being synced with Elements. View Result will show you the success and failed records, along with additional information to use when troubleshooting. Select View Result.

3. Review the log. Each log will be different based on the Object that Data Broker is trying to update. 


4. If you cannot determine the issue causing the error, create a service ticket so we can assist you. When selecting a category for your service ticket, choose Elements-Errors and Other Disruptions

Common Errors and How to Interpret Them 

The errors below are from the Job IDs found within the Bulk Data Load Jobs section of Elements. After correcting any of these issues, it is advised to either wait until the next scheduled sync or kick off a manual sync to see what remaining, if any, errors are left to troubleshoot. 


Object(s)  Portfolio/Account (Junction) AND Financial Account

Portfolio/Account (Junction)


Financial Account

Troubleshooting/Solution This error message, even though discovered in the Portfolio/Account (Junction) Object will also pertain to the Financial Account Object (see error message under Financial Account above). This states that the Financial Account could not be created due to the missing Primary Owner on the Household record. To fix this issue, you will need to use the referenced BDZ portfolio id to find out which portfolio this is referencing. (In this example it is Black Diamond, but the way you troubleshoot would be the same for any financial platform integration. The Portfolio ID has been redacted for security purposes.) Go back into Elements and update or add the Primary Owner to the Relationship record. 


Object(s) Portfolio AND Account




Troubleshooting/Solution These error messages pertain to the Portfolio and Account Objects. In both Objects a duplicate External ID is referenced. To fix this issue, use the referenced Account ID in the logs to determine which account records are involved (full ID is redacted here for security reasons). You then need to decide which record will be the master record for that Portfolio. 

Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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