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Salesforce Winter '21 Release on Elements
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We are so excited to partner with the best in the CRM business, because their releases help you too! The "Winter '21" release for Salesforce is currently rolling out, and below are some of the key enhancements we want to highlight as your Salesforce partner.

Dynamic Forms & Actions

These two incredibly powerful tools allow a level of customization within your Salentica Elements environment that is just now generally available with the Winter '21 Release: Dynamic Forms & Dynamic Actions. 


Dynamic forms allow you to create mini-page layouts that can be placed anywhere using the Lightning App Builder, these can be hidden on a per-user basis as well. This means, instead of creating Page Layouts per Profile, you can create mini-page layouts for different users.


Dynamic Actions allow you to show/hide actions based on the user viewing the page, for a cleaner user experience. Dynamic Actions will enable you to create uncluttered, intuitive and responsive pages that display only the actions your users need to see based on criteria you specify.


Instead of scanning an endless list of actions, your users will be presented with a simple choice, relevant to their role, profile, or when a record meets certain criteria.


Which actions are available and when they appear will be configured in the Lightning App Builder instead of the traditional page layout editor, leading to reduced administrative time and effort.

Trailhead Resources:

Optimize Lightning Page Performance

Have you ever had users complain at page loading speeds? Now you can get to the bottom of the components that are contributing to the bad user experience, recommendations for improvement.


Discover ways to make your record page perform better based on analysis right inside the Lightning App Builder. Performance Analysis in App Builder evaluates the fields, instances of the Related Lists component, and metadata of a record page. Simply hit the “Analyze” button at the top of the Lightning App Builder to get best practices and suggestions for improving page performance and the end-user experience.


Performance Analysis in App Builder is available for desktop record pages only.

Schedule When to Send List Emails

Users can now schedule when to send a list email. Choose an ideal date and time to ensure that the list email has the best chance of being read. For example, schedule a list email to arrive at the beginning of the work day. Scheduling was previously available for individual emails only.


To schedule a list email, select Send Later.

Send list email

Set a date and time for the list email to be sent.

Choose a date and time

Click Save to save the date and time and return to the list email.

Scheduled date and time

Click Send Later and the email is scheduled to be sent at that date and time.

To change the scheduled time or delete the email, click the Send Later dropdown.

Change a list email schedule

Or, go to the List Emails home page.

Auto Add Fields to Custom Report Types

If you’ve ever created a custom report type, you will know the frustrations of keeping it up to date when adding new custom fields, this had to be done manually. Salesforce have finally provided us with an option to automatically add new custom fields to custom report types! You can now add new custom fields to a report built from an existing custom report type from the Fields pane in the report builder. All custom fields for the Salesforce object are automatically included in the Fields list, and you can drag any of them to the Columns list.


From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Reports and Dashboards Settings, and then select Reports and Dashboards Settings. Select Auto add new custom fields to custom report type layouts and then click Save.

Salesforce Anywhere

Salesforce has launched ‘Salesforce Anywhere’ to enable the all-digital, work-from-anywhere reality the majority of professionals have adapted to. Salesforce announced a timely set of features to help us collaborate in the “new normal”. Salesforce Anywhere allows users to collaborate on records, get updates on their records in real-time,  launch a video chat from a Salesforce record, and pinpoint specific Salesforce fields the conversation is based on. Salesforce Anywhere is currently in beta stage where you can sign up for your Org to be enabled here.

Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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