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Salentica Data Broker: Black Diamond
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Salentica Elements and Black Diamond Wealth Platform: Working Together


Clients expect robust, transparent investment tools that mirror the technology they use in everyday life. Black Diamond® Wealth Platform delivers this, and more. In addition to performance reporting, rebalancing, and client billing functionality, the platform offers daily reconciliation services, an award-winning client portal with mobile access, and integrations with several complementary solutions. These include, but are not limited to, financial planning, portfolio analytics and CRM software, as well as access to traditional and alternative managed account strategies.

Drive profitability, efficiencies, and grow your business with Black Diamond Wealth Platform as the hub of your advisory business.

Elements Working Together with Black Diamond

Elements works with Black Diamond on multiple levels. First, is the daily bulk update from Black Diamond into Elements (see below for additional details on data points, timing, etc). Second, is accessing Black Diamond directly from within your CRM, based on your user profile, access, and permissions.


Setting Up Your Daily Black Diamond Update

It is recommended that a dedicated Salentica user be set up on Black Diamond for use by Data Broker. The new user can be created by any user at your firm that has an Administrator role in Black Diamond. This user will be separate from what is used for the contextual hyperlink and/or iFrames/Real-Time Data. The user can be set up with any role, no particular access to the Black Diamond site is required. The user should have access to all accounts your firm wants to be fed through Data Broker. A naming convention that indicates the purpose of the user (i.e. Salentica BD User) is recommended. When a new user is set up, someone at your firm must log in to the Black Diamond site using the credentials to set up the user, be sure to accept the Terms and Conditions.



Accessing Black Diamond from Within Elements

There are multiple ways that Black Diamond can be accessed from within CRM: via custom sign-on buttons on the pages of each record, and on portfolio records, via an embedded iFrame that can show the most recent reports available in Black Diamond for that specific portfolio record. 

Black Diamond SSO Button

You don't have to leave Elements to see Black Diamond information. Log into Black Diamond, in context, from within Elements. Don't lose your place in the CRM or stop to look up a website to log in, just push a button! When the component is added to the page layout, a login prompt will authenticate directly to Black Diamond. The portfolio-level SSO button will take you to Client View, filtered to the portfolio you are viewing in Elements. The financial account-level SSO button will take you to the Client View, filtered to the selected account. If an account belongs to multiple portfolios, then you will be prompted to select a portfolio before being directed to Client View.


Notes: Your data stays secure! Credentials are user-specific and separate from the Salentica bulk data user. Security permissions are inherited from Black Diamond; if the user is not permissioned to view the account or portfolio in Black Diamond, they will not be able to access the records through the SSO button. 

Upload Household Button

Now you can create and update a relationship in Black Diamond at the same time you create or update a relationship in Elements. Cut down on your time and operational effort to replicate data between your two systems, with the push of a button! When the button is added to the Relationship page layout, clicking the button will prompt each user to authenticate to Black Diamond using their Black Diamond credentials. 

In Elements, on the relationship object, this button will create a new Black Diamond relationship using the data from the CRM. Data points that will transfer from Elements to Black Diamond: 



  • Relationship Name
  • Relationship Address
  • Salentica Data Broker ID
  • Termination Date
  • Inception Date
  • Valuation Date


We recommend managing all data points from Elements except for the Valuation Date which should come from Black Diamond. Additionally, the address fed into Black Diamond is at the Relationship level. The client reporting address in Black Diamond is currently pulled from the Portfolio or Financial Account level. The Relationship address will not update the mailing block on the Portfolio and Financial Account reports generated in Black Diamond. 


Note: Users will require full access to the Client Setup > Client Relationships in Black Diamond to create a new relationship within Black Diamond. 

Post to Timeline Button

You can now save time by creating Tasks, Phone Calls, and Events in Elements and then posting them to the client's Timeline in Black Diamond. Once the button is added to the  Elements Activities page layouts, this button will prompt each user to authenticate to Black Diamond. Once logged in, a window will launch an interactive process that will create a Black Diamond Timeline post using the subject and description from the Elements Task or Call information. You will be brought to the Black Diamond Timeline Post Editor where the Title and Content section will be filled in with the Subject and Description from the Elements Task or Call on the Timeline Post. You can then complete the settings for your post. The Elements description will come over as plain text, but you can format the text in the Black Diamond Timeline Post Editor. 

Note: Users will require Full Access to Client Experience > Timeline in Black Diamond to create Timeline Posts.

Via the Portfolio records (Embedded iFrame)

You can also access Black Diamond records via the portfolio records within Elements. Depending on your page layout (and any other customizations or configuration changes), the embedded information may be in a different location. Selecting the reports will open them directly from Elements. By selecting the hyperlink, you will be directed to Black Diamond with the selected portfolio in context. 

Black Diamond Data Points

Below is a visualization of the data points available to send from Black Diamond to Elements:

Excluding Data Points

Additionally, you have the option to exclude certain data points and/or records from the CRM feed. The recommended option at the Account level is to remove the accounts from the bulk data load user's permissions on Black Diamond. As stated above, the Black Diamond user is not required to have a specific role. Administrator users on the Black Diamond platform are always automatically given All account access. Users with different roles can be given access to specific accounts individually, by team, or by rep code. These options can make it easier for instances where only one team from your firm is using Data Broker. 


To limit Portfolios or Relationships from feeding into Elements from Black Diamond, Custom Field labels must be used. Access to Portfolios or Relationships cannot be limited at the user level. If an account belongs to a Relationship or Portfolio and the bulk data load user has access to the account, the user will be able to access the relationship and/or portfolio. 


Custom Field Label

Alternatively, your firm can add a Custom Field label to the respective record in Black Diamond called "ExcludeFromSalentica" (case sensitive). If this field is set to "true" (not case sensitive). the record will not be created in Elements. Currently, there is no option to exclude households, you can either import all households or none. 

*Portfolios that are Primary Portfolios for a Relationship in Black Diamond cannot be excluded.


If your firm chooses not to bring in households, all portfolios and financial accounts (except any set to "ExcludeFromSalentica") will be imported into Elements. Reach out to your Black Diamond Client Advocate if you need assistance creating this Custom Field. 

How Black Diamond Records Translate into Elements

Elements pulls data (listed above) from Black Diamond, based on Client Relationships. Before the Salentica and Black Diamond Integration can be complete, Client Relationships must be set up in Black Diamond. You have the option to exclude accounts and portfolios from the data feed using either the bulk data load user's account permissions and/or a Custom Field as mentioned above. How your Black Diamond records will translate into Elements:


Black Diamond Primary Portfolio -> Elements Relationship

Black Diamond Portfolio-> Elements Portfolio

Black Diamond Financial Account -> Elements Financial Account


We typically run the daily process on or after 9:30 am EST to allow time for Black Diamond's daily reconciliation process to complete. If you need to change this scheduled time, please reach out to our Support Team for guidance. 

Elements + Black Diamond Integration

In this video, we showcase the Salentica Elements platform and how it can interact with SS&C|Black Diamond.



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Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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